Group size enhancement explains cooperation in fishes

Our recent Biology Letters article was picked up by the Science ORF and myScience newspapers.

JUNE 2022
Invited talk organized by Science Society

I talk about the evolution of cooperative breeding by both direct in indirect fitness effects in this invited talk by the Science Society from the University of New York.

JUNE 2022
Interview for the National Swiss Radio!

You can hear the interview on how the evolution of altruism may depend on environmental conditions here.

JUNE 2022
Interviews for several newspapers

You can read my interviews about the evolution of cooperation and alloparental care in the newspapers: Higgs and Levante!

JUNE 2022
Altruism has evolutionary reasons

Our recent paper in Science Advances was picked up by numerous newspapers in english (Technology Networks), german (APA), spanish (El Periodico), french (myScience), portuguese (Revista Planeta)...